Train tickets

In case covid goes away (finger crossed), we might be able to meet from time to time in BeCentral, Brussels. HackYourFuture Belgium refunds train tickets to go to class. Here's how to claim it.

What kind of ticket can you buy?

Always buy the cheapest ticket available, this may be:
  • A week-end return ticket (50% discount)
  • A rail pass (8€ per trip)
  • Your normal ticket if it’s cheaper than a rail pass and the week-end ticket.
  • Always take a photo of your train ticket to ask for a refund (see next section)
  • Always take a photo of your purchase receipt to ask for a refund (see next section)

How to ask for a reimbursement?

  • Step 1: You will receive a link to your personal folder on nextcloud.
  • Step 2: Create a folder for each month in which you will add your receipts of train tickets and expense sheet.
  • Step 3: Copy and paste in your month folder the document Expense Sheet Template HYF and name it Expense Sheet HYF your Name & Surname
  • Step 4: Replace with your own contact and bank account details
  • Add in the column:
  • Date: the date of each travel done during the month
  • Description: the travel destination (ex: Ticket Leuven - Brussels return)
  • Price
  • Make sure the information provided is correct!
  • Step 5: Add your ticket train receipts or proof of payments. It can be a picture. Be careful: without proof of train tickets - payments can’t be done.
! This process needs to be done at the end of each month if you want to be reimbursed.
! Payments are done within the next two weeks of the following month.