You will be required to post a check-in comment each week in your module check-in issue.
These check-ins are how you will keep track of your progress on your individual study. Coaches, peers and HYF team will read your check-in to know how we can help supporting you. Coaches will also use your Wednesday Check-Ins to prepare for the evening review call. Please include:
  • Check Boxes: started the exercises, link to project issue (if there is a project that week)
  • I Need Help with: What are you having trouble understanding? What parts of the homework are you struggling to complete?
  • What went well?: What has been successful so far? have you learned and/or completed so far this week?
  • What went less well?: What mistakes did you and/or your group make? What was difficult?
  • Lessons Learned: What did you learn this week that you will take with you into next week? I can be technical, a mindset, a study habit, anything!
  • Sunday Prep Work: Begin organizing your prep work for the following Sunday.
When you have posted your Wednesday Check-in comment please add the chapter-x label to your issue, so we know it's ready for review.
After reading your check-in, a coach or HYF team member will label it checked-x.
If you are blocked on something then a coach or classmate will get in touch to help you