Asking for Help

There are a few ways you can reach out for help at HYF:

On GitHub

Software developers have found many great ways to collaborate on shared code bases. These workflows are different from what you've probably used before, but are super helpful once you get the hang of it. We encourage you to ask and answer as many code-related questions as possible directly on GitHub so you can get used to the code-review process before reaching the final project. The three main ways for you to discuss code on GitHub will be:


You can ask for help using a couple templates and labels in your class repository:


When you are blocked on an assignment you can create a new issue using the help-wanted template, or just the help-wanted label to your project/check-in issue. Please include screen shots of your debugger, link(s) to specific line(s) of code, and a list of things you've already tried.


If there is something you would like to review or something you would like to know more about, just ask! It does not need to be a question about any specific assignment or even about code. The more the merrier : )

Project Board

If you are blocked on a project you can add the help-wanted label to your issue, this way your classmates and coaches can filter the project board to find your blocked project.

Pull Request: Code Review

Issues and Labels are great for discussions, but sometimes you need to get right into the code! The best way to share a suggestion or fix to one of your classmate's assignments is using a pull request & code review directly on their repository.
You will be able to share updates to particular lines of code, explain why you are suggesting this change, discuss the new code, and integrate the changes into the existing code base.

On Slack

GitHub is great for deeper discussions around the weekly assignments, but not everything in life is work! Hop on over to Slack if you would like to schedule a study call, have questions about what you should be working on, would just like a quick tip, or are just looking to chat about how much you love coding :)
Please use your main class channel as much as possible, and reply in threads to keep the main discussion feed easier to follow.