Mentoring Roles

Journey Mentor

As a journey mentor, you do our Dream Mentorship Yourney - which takes at least 6 weeks - with one (or more) of our students.

For every graduating class, there is a period for mentoring, which we will communicate with you once you've applied.

Do you want to go on this journey with one or several of our graduates and kick-start their career in Belgian IT? Are you available for 6 weeks in a row (at least 2h/week)? Become Journey Mentor!

One-to-one Mentor (longer term)

A one-to-one mentor engages for a longer term relationship with a mentee. This means you follow-up on this HYF graduate on a regular basis, until he/she has found a job.

You can evolve from Journey Mentor (see above) to one-to-one, if you don't want to let go your mentee after 6 weeks. ;)

Do you want to make a longer-term commitment at our HYF community? Become One-to-one mentor!

Mock Interviewer

Are you an expert in assessing job interviews? As a Mock Interviewer you focus on this part of our HYF mentorship journey.

Once every 4 months, we connect you with the amount of students you want to do a mock interview with.

You can schedule the mock interviews whenever fits best for you and the graduates/students.

Can't you wait to start this important step in our HYF-students learning journey? Do you like to commit some time on a regular basis, limited to a short period (2/3 weeks)? Become Mock Interviewer!

Career Training Mentor

Do you have experience in job training?

Once every 4 months we're looking for volunteers who can do a Sunday session on career training, before our coding class starts at BeCentral.

Do you want to be involved for one day/4months? Then this is the perfect role for you!