Legal issues on jobseeking

On this page we will provide mentors with useful links to information on legal provisions for jobseeking in Belgium.

Who can work in Belgium?

Info on the work permits for foreign nationals who are in a specific residence situation

What about students/au-pairs?

Foreign students (i.e. not from the European Economic Area) (more info in French or in Dutch) wishing to work in Belgium usually need to have a work permit. The same applies to au pairs (more info in French or in Dutch) and interns (more info in French or in Dutch).

Where/how to register at the public employment service?

Mentorship programs after HackYourFuture

HackYourFuture partners with different organizations to ensure our students find their way to different mentorship programs and newcomers in Belgium find their way to HackYourFuture thanks to these organizations.

  • DUO for a job - Free mentor for a year (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège)

    • You are a non-EU citizen OR you are a Belgian with migration roots (at least one (grand)parent was born outside the EU)

    • You are between 18 and 33 years old

    • You have a valid residence permit (no student visa or orange card)

  • Team4Job - Free mentor for 6 months in Brussels

    • You need to be registered at Actiris

    • You are registered job seeker

    • You are resident in one of the 19 communes of Brussels

    • You have a clearly defined professional project

    • You're an active job seeker