Welcome HackYourFuture Mentor!

Do you know why you're a hero(ine)?

Because you can make the difference for our students and graduates, as the ones helping them find their very first job in the Belgian IT sector.

To be a good mentor, you also need guidance, as our students do. That's why this Mentors Guidebook is here! You can find all infos you'll need to become a great HackYourFuture Mentor __here!

What do we stand for at HackYourFuture?

  • We speak the same language 💬. HackYourFuture is the only English speaking free training in Belgium.

  • We code on Sunday 🌤. We're adapted to refugees' and newcomers' realities, facing other challenges during the week.

  • We breathe openness 👐🏼. We're fully open, according to the Open Knowledge philosophy.

  • We help you build your future, not your past 🚀. We train refugees and disadvantaged newcomers.

  • We are like a family 🧡. Our format is based on a grassroots community with volunteer coaches and mentors.

  • We advocate for diversity🧕. We strongly encourage women to participate. 36% of our students are women.

Why join the HackYourFuture Community?

  • You will contribute to improving the lives of others through tech education 🚀

  • You will become better expert of your own craft by teaching your knowledge 🤓

  • You will be exposed to different cultures and different ways of thinking & working 👐

  • You will become a part of HackYourFuture’s professional network 🌐

Are you missing something in this guidebook?

Please tell us and we'll add it, or we can even co-write new materials.

Because this is a work-in-progress, under the motto: "If You're Not Embarrassed When You Ship Your First Version, You Waited Too Long."