So what will you learn in the core HYF Curriculum? Just enough of everything!

Sunday Classes

We meet each Sunday to study together and prepare for the next week's homework. You can expect each Sunday to be a mini-workshop where you work in groups of 2-3 to learn to integrate a new programming skill into a simple project. Your coaches will teach you just enough to finish each Sunday's project, there will always be more self-study to finish the week's project!

A standard Sunday schedule will look like this:

  1. Overview of this Sunday's learning objectives

  2. Review of last week's homework

  3. Short lecture on this Sunday's new programming skill

  4. Pair programming exercises, focused on today's new skill

  5. Break!

  6. Short introduction to today's group project

  7. A small group project applying the skill you practiced before break

  8. Introduction to this week's homework assignments

There is a detailed lesson plan for each Sunday in the Module Repositories.

Homework & Preparation

Homework submission and feedback is managed 100% with GitHub Project Management and Code Review workflows. By the time you're comfortable submitting your homework and handling coach feedback, you've got the skills it takes to collaborate on a software project!

Be proactive! Homework doesn't just mean finishing assignments, it also means preparing for the next Sunday Class. Each week's homework assignments includes a list of topics to study before class starts. Not preparing will make it impossible for you to get the most out of each class, and will slow down your classmates when it is time to do group work.

For more details on the homework submission process, follow this link.

The Modules

Our curriculum is broken up into modules of 2-5 weeks, most are 3 weeks long. Each of the modules introduces a new principle of software development, building on the last module to give you a 360 view what it takes to become a developer your colleagues can rely on.

Independent Study

Are you a human who wants to use our curriculum? Are you not a current student at HYF Belgium? No Problem!

Our modules, lesson plans, and assignments are all designed to help make it as easy as possible to study independently ... or even to run your own classes! All of the modules can be studied separately, all of the assignments are self-contained repositories, and each lesson plan can be used as a stand-alone workshop.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about getting started, or any ideas to make the materials more accessible.