Wednesday Review

There are two parts to Wednesday Review:


Each Wednesday, students are expected to post an update on their individual progress as a comment in their individual issue. They should include their Progress, Blocked, Next Steps, and Tip(s).

When you have time over Wednesday (and Thursday, sometimes students post their updates late Wednesday or early Thursday) take a look through all the Wednesday Check-in comments for your class. You can find them by filtering the class issues for the labels check-in & week-x, and the milestone module-name.

After you've read a student's check-in:

  • label it checked-x (depending on which week it is)

  • leave a friendly comment in their issue

  • and follow up with them in private on Slack if they could use the extra help.

As you're going through the class check-ins, take note of common questions for the evening's review call and/or for Sunday class.

Evening Review Call

Each Wednesday evening there is a review call. There's no set schedule or objective for this call. It's an informal moment to get together and discuss the week's material.

Scheduling the Call

The call can take place any time of day depending on your and the students' availability. You can coordinate a time on Slack using a simple poll-message pinned to the class channel. Slack has some clock emojis :clock: that can be helpful. As usual, feel free to change the template to match your schedule and your class:

It's Wednesday again!
Let us know what you'd like to review this evening in a thread under this poll.
What time works best this week?
:clock430: = 16:30
:clock5: = 17:00
:clock530: = 17:30
:clock6: = 18:00



  • Read through the week's wednesday-check-in issues

  • Post your review planning message on the class Slack channel

  • Share your call link on Slack


  • Record your video call

  • Whenever possible encourage other students to answer each others' questions

  • Don't spend review time on questions that are only helpful to the student asking. You can always follow up with them after the call


  • Upload your video and share a link to it in the file of the module repo.

  • Post a thank-you and summary message on the class Slack channel