Sunday Class
class schedule: students/sunday-class
It's helpful to think about each Sunday Class as a workshop instead of a lecture hall.
You are expected to do the coach prep work before arriving. This includes looking over the class exercises, asking the stuents what they want to review, and deciding who will be leading which sections of class. Most of your time each Sunday will be spent supporting the small groups on a set of pre-defined exercises.
You will not cover the whole week's material on Sunday. In Sunday Classes you will cover just enough new material for the students to complete the exercises, you aren't expected to teach everything they need to learn in the coming week

The Week Before Class

  • Have a call with your fellow coaches and an HYF team member
  • Review the class schedule (check the class repo!).
  • Read through the class' objectives and exercises.
  • Assign yourselves between the small groups
  • Decide who will lead the review session.
  • Decide who will introduce the exercises in the first half.
  • Decide who will introduce the project in the second half.
  • Decide who will introduce the next week's homework.

Sunday Before Class

  • Look through all the Help Wanted and Q & A discussions in the class repo to prep for review in the beginning of class
  • Share the week's Roll Call issue ~30 minutes before class. Close this issue when class begins, students commenting after the issue is closed will be counted as late.
  • Record your full-class sessions (review/isolate, integrate, homework launch)
  • Save enough time for small group study!
  • Lead a Standup meeting when your group meets for the Isolate exercises
  • Post & pin a Slack Poll after each group study session

Slack Polls

Before break and at the end of class class, share a poll in the class slack/discord channel to get a feel for your pacing. Polls are nothing fancy, just a message in the class channel where students can react to share their reactions and thoughts. Below is a basic template you can copy-paste into Slack. Feel free to change it however you like, this is just here for inspiration:
(friendly and motivating words)
⏳ === A little slower please
👍 === It’s all clear for me until now
😴 === Class may go faster
👷 === Enough theory, time for practice
🔥 === This is awesome! if only class were longer ...
1️⃣ === I could use a 1-1, with a coach or a classmate
Anything else to add? Leave a comment on this post!

Small Group Sessions

Splitting to small groups each Sunday is very important. It gives the students a chance to be more engaged, and is a better use of time when there is more than one coach. Here are a few ways you can divide the class into groups:


Each class repository comes with a random group generator, you can find it at https://hackyourfuturebelgium.github.io/class-x/randomizer. To use random groups you can generate one group per coach before class and share the permalink to the students. When it's time to form groups everyone knows where to go!
If you use random groups you will need to be aware of levels in your group. Each group will have some students that are futher ahead, it can be discouraging for others if they ask more difficult questions or ask about material beyond the day's lesson.

By Level

The other way to form groups is based on their comfort-level with the new material. Feel free to create more or less groups depending on how many coaches are available. You can post three messages in the class slack channel, one with each emoji along with a link to your call, his is just a suggestion:
  • 🥚 :egg: - "Join this group if you would like to step through the examples a few more times before moving on to the exercises."
  • 🐣 :hatching_chick: - "Join this group if you're eager to dive right into the exercises."
  • 🐥 :hatched_chick: - "Did you start the exercises before class? Do you want to explore harder problems or take a deeper look into this this topic? This is the group for you.
If you use groups by level you will need to be aware of group size. If you find that one group is huge and the others have only a couple people it may be a good idea to use random groups next time. This way you can have a better student/coach ratio.

By Project Group

If you are in a module that has a multi-week group project the best way to form small groups is by project group. This makes it easier for each group to get help on their project, and to plan how they will incorporate Sunday's material into their next week's plan.

After Class

  • Uploaded and link to your class recordings in the class repo.
  • Send an end-of-day message on the class channel.
  • Send follow-up messages to any students who were struggling, or had questions outside the scope of class.
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