Coaching Roles

Here you can find out how you can match your free time with your contribution to HackYourFuture as a coach.
  • Want to share 8hours/week? --> Lead Module Coach
  • Want to share some free time on a Sunday, sporadically? --> Sunday Assistant Coach
  • Want to share 20-40 minutes weekly? --> Homework Review Coach

Lead Module Coaches

As a lead module coach you will be responsible for leading the Sunday sessions for your module. Commitments include:
  • Being present in class from 11-16 each Sunday for the duration of your module
  • Leading our Sunday classes
  • Presenting new materials to students
  • Coordinating class with your assistant coaches
  • Being available a minimum of 3 hours a week to answer questions on Slack (any time during the week)
During covid-time you will be in charge of the online All Together sessions.

Sunday Assistant Coaches

As a Sunday Assistant, your main job will be supporting students as they work on the day's exercises in small groups. Besides this, you will need to be in touch with the Lead Coach before Sunday to prepare, and be active on Slack the following days to support students as they finish the work from Sunday.
As a Sunday Assistant, you can come for one Sunday at a time. You don't need to be available for the entire module, although we encourage you to. It is more fun for both you and the Lead coach to collaborate for an entire module. Anyway, communication with your Lead Coach is key! For a qualitative Sunday Class, coaches need to know on due time who is assisting on Sundays.
So: be proactive on Slack about your availability.
During covid-time you will be in charge of online sessions with subgroups. The subgroups will be divided according to available coaches, on Slack.

Homework Review Coaches

As a homework review coach, you'll be helping to review the students' weekly assignments on GitHub. You can find more complete instructions for the homework review process in this repo. It will take anywhere from 20-40 minutes to review a homework assignment, depending on how well the student did and how much feedback you write.
To become a homework review coach, just let us know how much time you have each week and we'll assign you a few homework issues to match your availability.
Got a little extra time? Even better! Just head over to a homework board, find an issue in the BLOCKED or READY FOR REVIEW columns and have at it! You don't need to check in with us about reviewing extra assignments. However, letting is know is nice
If you notice any informative mistakes or multiple students having trouble with the same thing, please get in touch with the Lead Module Coach so they can prepare to review that topic the following Sunday.
PS. Do keep an eye out for cheating! Because of the open-ness of these assignments, it is very easy for students to copy each others' work. But it's also easy for you to catch them ;) If you see suspicious similarities just check in with the students. As long as they are aware and have been working together, it's not a problem.
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