What is the HackYourFuture Bootcamp?

HackYourFuture Open Innovation Bootcamp

The Open Innovation Bootcamp is a 1-month intensive aiming to get newly arrived talent acquainted with the skills, collaboration, processes and industry best practices expected in a Belgian software organisation by working on real-world, open source projects with social impact.

In a nutshell, the Open Innovation Bootcamp is:

  • 4-week intensive bootcamp for refugees

  • Coaching given by IT-experts

  • Open source projects with a positive impact

  • Career starter in the Belgian IT industry

What are the goals of the Open Innovation Bootcamp?

  • Put the technical skills into practice while working on an open source project

  • Learn to collaborate and work in teams

  • Learn to scope a project and hold client meetings

  • Be the bridge between a technical 8-month training at HackYourFuture Belgium and the local labour market

Have a look at the calendar on the following page to find out more information!

A group of student during a bootcamp (July 2020)