We collect all information relevant to alumni on this page. Where to find mentorship programs, where to look for jobs and where to find likewise (online) communities of developers and designers.
This space is dedicated to resources that may interest you to keep learning and improving your job hunting skills.

The Jobseekers Bible for a kickstart of your job search in the Belgian market

Mentorship programs in Belgium

Talent 2 Connect is a platform collecting different mentorship programs available in Belgium.

Online communities

Job searching websites

This is a non-exhaustive list of online vacancies.

Salary compasses

(Free) Online Courses for Web development


If you wish to have a certification, there is [The Chartered Institute for IT] in Brussels (Avenue Louise): "Foundation Certificate in User Experience BCS. There is a center avenue Louise in Brussels where you can pass that certification.


If you want to become a specialist, the most reknown trainings are delivered by Niels Norman Group
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