Welcome at HackYourFuture Belgium! We want to make the web a better place.
We are a coding school for refugees and other newcomers with limited access to education and the labour market in Belgium.

Thank You HYF People!

In this Wiki you can discover what we do and how you can become part of our community. This is a work in progress. Want to contribute? Just do it! 💪🏽
Enjoy the reading and please connect with us on social media! We're active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why join the HYF community?

  • 💬 We speak the same language: HackYourFuture is the only English speaking free training in Belgium.
  • 🌤 We code on Sunday: We're adapted to refugees' and newcomers' realities, facing other challenges during the week.
  • 👐🏼 We breathe openness: We're fully open, according to the Open Knowledge philosophy.
  • 🚀 We help you build your future, not your past: We train refugees and disadvantaged newcomers.
  • 🧡 We are like a family: Our format is based on a grassroots community with volunteer coaches and mentors.
  • 🧕 We advocate for diversity: We strongly encourage women to participate. 36% of our students are women.
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